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The Secret To Beating Roulette

Trying to find the secret to beating roulette seems to be a popular one, a simple search on google and you will find hundreds of sites claiming they can do just this, but are these claims true? This article will discuss if beating roulette is in fact possible

Many people believe that the secret to beating roulette can is based on the scientific principles of Chaos Theory. The common perception is that roulette is a game in which a random number occurs, very few people understand that Roulette is in fact a Chaotic game. This means that what happens on the roulette table can in fact be predicted as it is determined by set factors.

The arguement here is that in roulette it is never truly random, of course it would still be mathematically unlikely that you could figure out the pattern of a roulette wheel and be able to beat it, but we must not presume that everytime the wheel is spun each number occurs randomly.

The basis of this knowledge is that RNG (Random Number Generators) are not yet advanced enough to be able to make this possible. So we can conclude from this that no online roulette game is in fact random. However just because something is not random it does not necessarily mean it is easy to predict, and it can be safely assumed that casinos have always got the edge as they pay out at 35/1 on an event that is 37/1. Despite the fact that the number generator can not exactly recreate these odds the chances of beating a roulette wheel will still be closer to 37/1 than 35/1

There are various methods to beating roulette such as staking plans, abusing casino bonuses and sheer luck.

Whether or not roulette can be consistently beaten is unlikely, it can certainly be done but to be done time and time again is not likely. The casinos are there to profit from your losses if you do manage to win at a casino with a system or strategy you should quit while you are ahead.

How To Make A Profit Beating Roulette

This article will exam evidence to see if it is scientifically possible to beat a roulette wheel in a live casino.

Many people believe that they have a winning roulette system that can not fail and will definitely make them money. Are they deluded or do they genuinely have a system that works?

In live casinos there have always been times when someone will try to cheat at roulette and beat the dealer. There are a variety of ways this is possible. For instance some people will wait until the last possible moment to place there money down as if they see where the ball in placed by the dealer they may have a chance of eliminating some places where they think the ball wont land.

Another way is to assume the casino itself is trying to cheat the customers. Some ex croupiers have testified against rogue casino bosses and advise they have been told to ensure the ball lands on the numbers with the least chips on to ensure the house maximises its profit. If we are to believe this then our best bet would be to bet on numbers with low activity.

You will often find it is croupiers and casino regulars with the most crazy outlandish roulette systems you could come across. An old favourite of course is the martingale system, this however is very short lived as all casinos have table limits, so in reality you will probably just double up until you lose all your money.

So beating roulette so far doesn’t look to convincing we have to either be able to judge some way of telling where the ball is going to land, work out where the croupier is trying to make the ball land or double up or some other staking plan only to find we hit the ceiling of the table limit.

Now all three of these methods can work, but we must understand that there are limitations to beating roulette and to practise these techniques with the intentions of making a profit will proof difficult. If we are to believe that the casino is a rogue casino we may even find that this is a dangerous activity.

In conclusion we can safely say that while there may be ways of increasing your chances of beating a roulette wheel you will most likely find it difficult to create any kind of income from this activity.

Playing roulette is an interesting and fun pastime, it is unlikely that it is an avenue from which you can profit.

Beating Roulette Playing Online Casinos

This article will discuss methods on how to beat roulette online and discuss the differences between live casinos and online casinos that are software based.
Many people believe that online casinos are rigged and that the casino site owners deliberately alter the odds to ensure the roulette wheel cannot be beaten. This of course is a myth and it is a very rare occurrence that casinos are found guilty of misconduct and cheating.

One common complaint is that while someone was playing roulette in fun mode they had a great winning streak and where successfully beating roulette consistently and making a profit. Once they got to the paid section it was now impossible to beat roulette, despite whatever roulette system or strategy the person used and thus the casino must be cheating. This is of course untrue as the casino from the very beginning is somewhat “cheating”, with a payout at a rate of 35/1 and the likelihood of a number being hit being 37/1 the casino is in fact always the most likely to win and always has the edge in roulette.
So as it is mathematically impossible for a casino to lose, they have no reason to cheat the player. So we can say that beating roulette is certainly possible online, but it is more likely to not happen.

This will bring us on to our second point. Casino Bonuses. You will notice that many casinos advertise casino bonuses to attract new players. This will often say things such as 100% free $200 In Chips. Now with free chips on offer the odds are skewered and the player is now given a chance to compete against the casino as with 100% free the player has much more money to play with and this better odds of being successful.
The casino are aware of people using casino bonuses to help in their quest to beat the casino and they use very strict Terms and Conditions to ensure this abuse is minimised. You will notice on many casino promotions that certain countries are not eligible for casino bonuses, which we can assume is because they have a history of abuse and/or the country is not accepted by the casino in general.

So while the player is tempted by the bonus offer and increases his chance of beating roulette, the casino is at risk of being abused by that player whos sole aim is to walk away with money.

The casino is looking for casino players who gamble for entertainment purposes and not for people who abuse the system to profit.

In conclusion we can say that while casino bonuses can increase someones chances of beating roulette the casino owners have ensured this risk is minimised by placing terms and conditions on their offer and thus while the odds have been put in the players favour they also now have the limitation of the turn requirement required to release the players money from the casino.

Roulette Tips

Are you a big roulette player?

who prefers to play online? Do you want to hold possession of the hidden tips and tricks which can make you a more successful Roulette player? If yes, this article is right for you as it is going to present how one can win at online roulette. Go ahead and make use of the techniques described below!

Playing roulette online is free, always accessible, and convenient. You can have fun 24 hours a day and seven days a week! However, your primary aim is still to win as much as possible, no matter if you play just for having fun or to increase your bankroll. So besides enjoying the game, you’ll need some useful tips regarding winning in Roulette. But before getting started, you should know that by playing online you are a winner right away as you don’t spend your money to those expensive trips to Monte Carlo. Moreover, unlike traditional casinos, most online casinos provide their players with free games, so you can master Roulette before actually playing for real money. So if you don’t want to take a risk of losing your money, you can learn from free games.

Let’s turn now to our interesting topic of winning at online roulette. The difficulty of this issue resides in the fact that Roulette is a chance game. So you have more vagueness and suspense than complex techniques or winning strategies. Everyone knows that Roulette implies a table, a wheel and a ball. The making and breaking of the roulette wheel and of the spinning ball are unpredictable, without the chance of suggestibility. You cannot have any mathematical calculations and you won’t be more successful if you base your bets on probability laws – simply because the ball will land on an unanticipated number.

However, you can still do something in order to have better chances. Besides trying to predict on which number the ball will rest after the spinning of the wheel, there are some practical tips you should consider. First of all, try to avoid the American Roulette. Why? Simply because it has 36 numbers, plus the zero and the double-zero. In comparison, European Roulette is without the extra number, the double zero. It’s evident that you have better chances if you have less numbers as the winning odds are better with a European wheel.

Next, keep in mind that winning in roulette is closely connected with one’s bets. The complexity of the game consists in the number of wagering options you can have a preference for. A useful advice for you is to take your time before actually betting. As you play online, no one can rush you, so you can think carefully of your options. If you want, you can make a quick-search on the internet to find a short description of roulette strategies. But as I told you before, this is not of much help, as roulette is more of a luck game. Spins are independent from each other. So it’s better if you ask the God of Fortune to be with you! However, good bets in online roulette are still those with lower odds. And you shouldn’t make single number bets.

The good news is that the ‘holy grail’ of the online roulette wheel is more in your side if you play online than in a traditional casino. This means your winning chances are increased if you play online. As the running expenses for casino are considerably lower, these can afford more attractive payouts for their players. In addition to this, you can compare the casinos’ payouts easily with the help of an online casino review site, and choose the best and thus increase your winning chances. Remember, that total payouts should be 96% at least!

A final tip for you is to shop around for good bonuses and don’t be trapped by the so-called 100% roulette strategies! Winning cannot be guaranteed in online roulette, but you can increase your chances if you take into consideration the above-mentioned tips!

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